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The St. Mary's River Yacht Club was founded  in 1947 to promote sailing and camaraderie on our beautiful river. Learn more about our Club.

Social Activities

The club has a robust social schedule with after racing events called a rendezvous.  The rendezvous is an opportunity for racers and club members to meet and reflect on the racing and share in fellowship.  Spring and Fall meetings are scheduled for business and socializing. Find out how to join in the fun!

Water Activities

The common love of all SMRYC members are the waters of Chesapeake Bay. It is while we are sailing, motoring, rendezvousing, racing and cruising that we have the most fun.  We make significant efforts to assist others who do not have access to enjoy our waters, and we take strides to preserve and improve our waters. Click here to get more details of our water activities.

Contact SMRYC

We are located in Southern Maryland, where the Potomac River enters the Chesapeake Bay. If you are interested in joining us for a day on the water or as a member, please contact us.

Join Us

Cruise with us for a special event or become a member of the St. Mary's River Yacht Club.

Current Members

Stay up to date with the latest club information and events. 

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