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Water Activities

On the water, our members do it. Cruising – several events a year. Racing – formal race schedule for classes of boat. Kayaking –  full moon events ; Other – sailor and member rendezvous after each event, often watching the sunset across the Potomac. Just a fun bunch of stuff to get you into our wonderful Chesapeake Bay environs. See below all you can do with us on the Bay and helping the Bay’s recovery.

                                                                  2023 Racing

                                                       Skippers Meeting    (March 25)

                                              Early Bird Race       (April 22)

                                              No 'Chute Race       (May 6)
                                              Destination Race    (June 10)
                                              Pointless Race        (June 24)
                                              West St. Mary's       (July 22)
                                              Portobello Race     (Aug. 12)
                                              Founder's Regatta (Sept. 2)

                                             Pagan Point Race  (Sept. 16)

                                             Capper Cup Race   (Oct. 14)

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details of 2023 Courses, Rules, Starting Signals, Eligibility, Marks, Scoring, Protests & Awards

Cruising Weekends

This year's cruising trips are to TBD​

SMRYC cruisers are invited to sail (or motor) along  for a weekend of exploring back creeks and enjoying the social life of cruising……in nice weather, even Ensigns are suitable for these trips.  


Hailing channel 16, working channel 69

One Design Racing Classes

We currently race two one-design classes on the St. Mary's River in club sponsored racing:  Hobie 16s and Ensigns.  A Vanguard 15 fleet was also recently established, and races on Friday nights in July and August on St. Inigoes Creek.  The Vanguards and other boats, such as a couple Hamptons that are on the river, may race in our Lump class.


The Yacht Club is open to establishing new classes, such as a designated class of boats for Junior racing, when there is interest.  

Ensign Fleet 10

The Ensigns on the St. Mary's River comprise Fleet 10 in the National Ensign Class Association.  We usually send one or two boats to the Nationals each year, and participate in other regional racing as the skippers' schedules allow.
Charlie Bessant and Richard Timbie are our Fleet Captains for 2007.


The Yacht Club is open to establishing new classes, such as a designated class of boats for Junior racing, when there is interest.  

Boat #   Name                 Skipper/Owner
    15      Caprice               Stuart Egeli
  191      Pig Pen               Chuck Stein
  449      Surprise             Richard Timbie
  524      Talisman            Charlie Bessant
  547      Fresh                  Dave Roberts
  905      Blue Bird           Ted Warren
  955      Hard Tack          Alex Kampf
  957      Crisis Express   Barry Friedman
1130      Matou                Lani Clark
1625      Horizons            Barbara & Chris Clark
1699      On Time            Kathy & Paul Pusecker

Hobie 16 Fleet

Our Hobie fleet is small right now, and visiting Hobie 16s are welcome to race with us, though they are not eligible for trophies unless the skipper is a club member.  


Richard Paradis is Fleet Captain for 2007.

Boat #          Skipper/Owner
62007           Richard Paradis
88183           Bob Taylor 
98436           John Paradis, Sr. 
                      Richard Timbie
108116         Carter Paradis

Vanguard 15 Fleet

A fleet of about 20 Vanguard 15s were brought to the St. Mary's area in 2005.  The current owners purchased them from a school that was upgrading its racing fleet, and they are raced informally on Friday nights in July and August on St. Inigoes Creek.  

Two Vanguard 15s are available at Milburn's for club members' use, thanks to the generosity of one of our club members.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in the informal Vanguard racing activities or use one of the boats at Milburns.

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