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Community Outreach Programs

The Saint Mary's River Yacht Club has always believed that taking care of our River and its Community are core tenets of the Club.  The list of our SMRYC Outreach Programs have grown tremendously over the years as a result of the SMRYC members who have volunteered time and vessel in an effort to give back to this special River and Community.  We invite everyone to review the list below and either sign up as the events occur or contact Past Commodore Alan Hinkle to get more information about these special events.  We guarantee that you will gain that wonderful feeling that derives by giving back to others. 

Earth Day Waterfront Clean Up

In support of St. Mary’s River Watershed Association (SMRWA), the SMRYC participates in the removal of debris along the Saint Mary's River in April.  As an SMRYC member, you can join in this event to keep the Saint Mary’s River beautiful by volunteering to pick up debris on foot or via kayak!  Or you can volunteer to skipper your vessel to collect the bags of debris.


Special Olympics Maryland Sailing Weekend 

The SMRYC members support the Special Olympics Maryland Sailing Regatta in July.  This event is considered the state competition for the Maryland Special Olympics Sailing Program.  The Sailing Regatta is held at St. Mary’s College of Maryland at St. Mary’s City.  As an SMRYC member you can volunteer by skippering your vessel to assist in overseeing the safety of the sailing athletes or volunteer the varying support activities to help ensure the event is a success! 


Water Monitoring the St. Mary’s River

Since 2022, the SMRYC members have been engaged with supporting the SMRWA by conducting water sampling to monitor the St. Mary's River.  SMRWA uses the data SMRYC collects to track the St. Mary's River's "dead zones," areas of no or low oxygen where oysters and other organisms cannot survive.  This activity is conducted once a month between April and November.  Join us on a boat to collect the sampling or volunteer to skipper your vessel to host SMRYC members conducting the sampling.  


The Sailing Center Chesapeake High School Sailing Program

This organization supports youth sailing opportunities including High School Sailing teams in the Fall & Spring for Leonardtown, Great Mills, and Chopticon High Schools as well as runs summer youth camps for ages 8-16 to learn how to sail or sharpen their skills.   The SMRYC supports the promotion and growth of our youth to become sailors.  As a member, you can volunteer to be a Chase Boat Skippers during practices.


Vacation for Vets – Water Tour on Bretton Bay!

The SMRYC supports Southern Maryland Vacations for Vets program by providing on the water tours in the Bretton Bay area.   This event occurs during the summer on two scheduled weekends.   This program was created over a decade ago to give our wounded or sick service members a chance to relax with their families.  As an SMRYC member, you can support this event by skippering your vessel and hosting a service member and their family.


The Saint Mary's Watershed Reef Ball Program.

The SMRYC supports the Oyster Restoration Project through the purchase of Reef Balls which provide habitat to promote oyster regeneration.  Oyster reef balls are artificial reefs that are designed to provide habitat for oysters and other marine life. Oyster reef balls are typically made with a variety of features that promote marine life, such as: Nooks and crannies: The balls have nooks and crannies that provide shelter for oysters and other marine life. In addition to serving as a habitat for marine life, reef balls also help protect coastlines from erosion. Their structure dissipates wave energy, reducing the impact of storms and preventing shoreline erosion.

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